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The Lab of Music is not just a place where you can learn to play, perform, and create music. The Lab of Music is a place where you can learn to understand, feel, and enjoy the music! The Lab of Music is a way of thinking and a sense of music!


Music Lessons

We offer AT THE LAB, IN-HOME and ONLINE Guitar Lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages. See "Our Rates" tab for more information.

Guitar Setup

Setup is probably the most important aspect in regard to an instrument's playability. At Lab of Music, we ensure that customers receive a setup that makes their guitars a pleasure to play. Setting up a guitar for the proper "feel" involves many interrelated factors: the distance between strings and frets, the tension of the strings, the height and condition of the nut and frets, and proper adjustment of the bridge, among other variables. Setup for optimum playability will vary among players, based on the style of music played, the type of instrument, and personal preferences. As musicians, we know how important the right "feel" is in order to play your best. We are very demanding about adjusting our action precisely and accurately - it has to be perfect ! We will ensure that your instrument is set up using the same rigorous standards that we require of our own guitars.

Guitar Setup that lasts for years!
Book My Guitar Setup

A customized setup to spec's includes:

A full evaluation of the guitar

Adjusting the truss rod for proper neck relief

Check, adjust and lubricate nut slots

Adjust, clean and lubricate the bridge

Adjust tremolo system to specs or customer's preference

Set bridge / saddle height to specs or customer's preference

Set intonation

Adjust pickup height

Check and tighten all screws

Clean and condition fretboard, fret buff

Clean instrument appropriately

Install new strings

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